1851 Census Strathdon, Aberdeenshire


32 Loinorn

William Forbes Head Wr 66 M Minister of Corgarff Mission Abdn Cluny
Charles Forbes Son U 25 M Ag. Lab. Abdn Strathdon
Margt Wattie Serv U 31 F House Servant Abdn Strathdon
Janet Downie Serv U 12 F   Abdn Strathdon (?c. 27 May 1838 Strathdon - IGI)


Page 1 no 2 Belmore

James Downie Head U 60 M Farmer of 10 acres & 20 moorland pasture Abdn Strathdon
Margret Downie Sister U 50 F Housekeeper Abdn Strathdon
Margret Downie Neice U 20 F General Serv. Abdn Strathdon
Robert Kellas Serv. U 25 M Ag. Lab. Abdn Strathdon

No 4. Shinach

George Downie Head U 53 M Retired Ag. Lab. (still there in 1861) Abdn Strathdon (?c. 16 June 1798 Strathdon - IGI)
William McHardy Lodg. U 89 M Retired Ag. Lab. Abdn Strathdon

No. 10 Belhandy

David Downie Head Mar 69 M Farmer of 4 acres & 100 moorland pasture Abdn Tarland
Isabella Downie Wife Mar 60 F   Abdn Strathdon
Mary Downie Gdau   8 F   Abdn Strathdon
Janet Downie Gdau   7 F   Abdn Strathdon
Jane Downie Gdau   3 F   Abdn Strathdon
Ann McHardy Serv. U 17 F   Abdn Strathdon

No. 12 Belhandy

Jane Downie Head Wid 80 F Carriers Widow (Pauper) Abdn Tarland


No. 12 Ettenbreck

James Downie Head Mar 47 M Carpenter & Farmer of 10 Acres (family still there in 1861) Abdn Strathdon
Barbara Downie Wife Mar 43 F   Abdn Strathdon
John Downie Son   11 M Scholar Abdn Strathdon
James Downie Son   9 M Scholar Abdn Strathdon
George Downie Son   6 M Scholar Abdn Strathdon
Charles Downie Son   4 M Scholar at home Abdn Strathdon
Ann Downie Dau   2 F   Abdn Strathdon

No. 18 Backdyke

Isobel Downie Head Wid 64 F Turner's Widow Abdn Strathdon
John Downie Son U 27 M Farmer of 8 Acres Abdn Strathdon

240.4 Coull of Ledmecaie

Jane Downie Head U 79 F Retired Ag. Servant Abdn Strathdon

P 9 No. 33 Glacknamoon

Elizabeth Downie Head Wid 65 F Stocking Knitter Abdn Strathdon
Christina Downie Daur U 20 F Genl. Servant Abdn Strathdon
Margaret Henderson Gdau U 14 F Scholar Abdn Strathdon
John Forbes Gson   1 M   Abdn Strathdon


1851 Census 242 County of Aberdeen District of Kincardine O'Neil Parish of Tarland



So much of the Parish of Tarland (except the Borough of Tarland) as lies within the district of Cromar, bounded on the North by Leochel Cushnie, East & South by Coull and West by Coldstone.

Page 5 no 13 Burnside

Elizabeth Downie Head U 81 F Pauper (Servant) Abdn Tarland


So much of the Parish of Tarland as lies in Strathdon, bounded on all sides by the Parish of Strathdon, and extending four and a half miles in length, and three miles in breadth.

Page 2 No 6 Delnine (after Mill of Garchory and Garchory)

John Downie Head M 53 M Ag. Lab. 
(family still there in 1861)
Abdn Tarland
Isabella Downie Wife M 37 F   Banff Kirkmichael
Jean Downie Daur U 14 F   Abdn Tarland
Francis Downie Son U 7 M  (at Easter Corryhoul in 1861?) Abdn Strathdon
John Downie Son   2 M  (at Stroin in 1861?) Abdn Strathdon
Isabella Downie Daur   6 F   Abdn Tarland

No 9 Colnabarchan

Jane Downie Head W 79 F (Farmer's Widow) Abdn Tarland
Janet Downie Daur - 40 F   Abdn Tarland
Francis Jane Downie Gdau   4 F   Abdn Tarland

No 10 Colnabarchan

Francis Downie Head Wdr 69 M Farmer of 17 acres Abdn Tarland
Joseph Downie Son U 28 M  (still there in 1861) Abdn Tarland
Jane Downie Daur U 21 F   Abdn Tarland
Joseph Downie Neph   11 M  (son of John & Isabella of Delnine?) Abdn Tarland
Margret Downie Daur   17 F   Abdn Tarland
Peter Cameron Lab. - 68 M Ag. Lab. Aberdeen
David Greig Lodg - 21 M N.O (?) Perth

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