1861 Census Strathdon 240


Page 1 no 3 Easter Corryhoul

John McHardy Head M 59 M Farmer of 18 acres emp. 2 lab. 1 boy Angus Ruthven
Sophia McHardy Wife M 57 F Farmer's wife Abdn Tarland
Margret McHardy Daur U 30 F Farmer's Daur Abdn Strathdon
Mary McHardy - U 14 F Farmer's Daur Abdn Strathdon
Francis Downie Serv U 16 M Ploughman Abdn Strathdon
Robert Farquharson Serv U 13 M Agricultural Labourer Abdn Strathdon


Page 1 no 4 Belmore

Margret Downie Head U 61 F Crofter of 9 acres of land Abdn Strathdon
Robert Kellas Cous U 37 M Plowman Abdn Strathdon
Margret Downie Neice U 27 F Domestic Servant Abdn Strathdon
Jean McHardy Serv U 14 F General Servant Abdn Strathdon

No 5 Shinniach

George Downie Head U 64 M Fundholder Abdn Strathdon


Page 2 no 9 Ettenbreck

James Downie Head M 58 M Farmer of 12 acres Abdn Strathdon
Barbara Downie Wife M 53 F Farmer's Wife Abdn Strathdon
Charles Downie Son U 24 M Farmer's Son Abdn Strathdon
Ann Downie Daur U 12 F Farmer's Daur Abdn Strathdon

Page 6 No 30 Stroin

Widow Ross Head W 64 F Occupant of 30 acres emp. 2 men & 1 boy Abdn Strathdon
Alexander Ross Son U 42  M Widow's Son Abdn Strathdon
Christina Ross Daur U 45 F Occupant's Daughter Abdn Strathdon
Hary Ross Son U 38 M Occupant's Son Abdn Strathdon
Ann Ross Daur U 36 F Occupant's Daughter Abdn Strathdon
Ewen Cameron Serv M 41 M Shepherd Banff Duthil
John Downie Lab U 12 M General Servant Abdn Tarland


Page 6 No 32 Bulletin

Elizabeth Downie Head W 71 F Pauper (Farmer's Widow) Abdn Strathdon
Mary McGillivray Gdau - 8 F Scholar Abdn Leslie


Page 2 No 8 Rough Nook

Peter Cameron Head M 58 M Crofter of 9 acres Banff Kirkmichael
Margt Cameron Wife M 58 F Crofter's Wife do
James Cameron Son U 29 M Student do
Jane Cameron Daur U 27 F Domestic Servant do
Margt Dauney Gdau U 10 F - Abdn Strathdon
Elspet Findlayson Gdau - 1 F - Abdn Strathdon

Page 8 Newe Arms Colquhany

Jas Dauney Serv U 20 M 2nd Ploughman Abdn Strathdon


1861 Census Tarland and Migvie


242 Tarland and Migvie Enumeration District V:

Corgarff Division, being a detached part of the Parish, bounded on the East & South East by Strathdon, running along this Boundary line for many miles, then it turns to the North West & West, running along by the Boundary line between Tarland and the Cabrach, then South along the Boundary between Tarland & Glenlivat, then East along the Glengairn boundary to the South East corner, where Strathdon begins.

No 2 Colnabaichan

Joseph Downie Head U 38 M Farmer of 21 acres 2 Servants Abdn Tarland
Mary Stewart Serv U 27 F General Serv. Moray Abernethy
John McWattie Lodg Wdr 57 M Shoemaker Perth Blairgowrie

No 8 Delnine

John Downie Head M 64 M Labourer Ag. Abdn Tarland
Isobell Downie Wife M 46 F   Banff Kirkmichael
Jane Downie Daur U 24 F General Servant Abdn Tarland
Janet Downie Daur U 22 F General Servant Abdn Tarland
Joseph Downie Son U 20 M Plowman Abdn Tarland
Isbell Downie Daur U 18 F Servant Abdn Tarland
Ann Downie Gdau - 2 m F   Abdn Tarland

No 20 page 4 Milltown of Edinglassie

John Downie Serv U 21 M Plowman 
(son of John & Isobell?)
Abdn Strathdon

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