George Downie's Family History Home page

George Downie's Home Page

Welcome to my family history home page, which is dedicated mainly to the Downie name

Here are two links to the pages containing information about my Downie ancestors from 1743

and many others who married into my family:


Family Groups and Updates

Ancestor Chart

George Downie's Ancestor Chart


I live in Carlisle, England and in August 2000 I visited Ian Downie's web site at:

He has proved to be a great help and inspiration to me in searching for my ancestors.

Although many of the pages are incomplete I will update them when information is available.

Here are links to other websites

Clan Lindsay Society of Australia

Graeme Gordon who lives in Perth, Western Australia. Our Ancestors have a direct link. (website recovered from the Internet Archive but doesn't work properly)

Robert Downie who lives in Dunoon, Scotland. His website (rescued via the Internet Archive) includes a history of the Downie name.

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This web site is under construction and was last updated on the 07 February 2006

This website disappeared from the internet some time between February 2006 and January 2007 and has been reconstituted, as far as possible, on Ian Downie's website.

I am unable to verify much of the information in these pages, as George did the original research. However, I believe that he based his information on sound research.

Ian Downie, January 2007