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Monumental Inscriptions Strathdon Old Kirkyard

The inscriptions below are mainly taken directly from gravestones on 15 February 2000. Additional information, including the numbers assigned to each inscription,  comes from an unpublished draft of Strathdon MIs produced by Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society.

My notes are in square brackets.

Where there is a likely connection with a place name and Census entry, there is a link to the relevant entry.

No 32

In Memory of Jean Downie, Spouse to James Miln, in Bressachiel, who departed this life 20 Decr 1819 aged 45 [MI says 45 but inscription is definitely 15].
The above mentioned James Miln who died 9th Janry 1855 aged 62.

[Bresachiel is in the detached section of Tarland Parish (enumeration district 5 in 1851 Census) which lies inside Strathdon Parish between Bellabeg and Corgarff]

No. 34

Hocce in sepulchro Jacet Donald Downy Vir pietatis incorrupta fide.
Pauperium fautor Pater non contempta prole beatus.
Obut AD 17?2 (stone broken)

Joseph Downie
Son of John Downie Delnine
Died the 22nd November 1873 aged 31 years

No. 87

To the Memory of David Downie Farmer in Beilhandie
Born 1782 died 23rd April 1854
Erected by his Widow and Family
Also in memory of Charles Downie Sergt Major in the 53rd Regt who died at Beilhandie in 1810 aged 33.

No. 89

In memory of Catharine McHardy died at Shiunnach Corgarff Febry the 3rd 1843 aged 84.
Charles Downie her son died November 22nd 1850 aged 50.
In testimony of maternal and fraternal affection this stone is erected by her eldest son George Downie died 14 July 1869 aged 71.

No. 79

In memory of James Downie farmer Ettenbreck died 1 January 1885 aged 82
His wife Barbara McRobert died 19 July 1886 aged 78.

No. 81

In loving memory or our father John Downie Ettenbreck died 29 August 1930 aged 90;
Our mother Eliza Mitchell Smith died 16 October 1884 aged 40 buried in Tarland.
Their eldest son James died 18th April 1938 aged 83 [MI says 68];
Their daughter Harriet died 11 May 1951 aged 76 buried in new cemetery.

No.82 [flat, not seen]

James Downie.
Under this stone lies the dust of Francis Downie some time farmer in …….. died 14 June 1797 aged 57.
Also his spouse Jean Downie died 12 June 1794 aged 53.
Done by the care of their two sons viz. John & Joseph Downie. Jane Downie died 18 November 1851 aged 49.

No. 83 [not seen]

This stone is erected by James Downie shoemaker in ………. to the memory of Agnes Allanach his affect. Mother & ……….. spouse to William Downie some time in Culquioch.
She dep. 27 Sept. 1780 aged 47; her husband William Dounie died Drumanettie 2 June 1826 in the 94th year of his age.

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The Land of Lonach

The following information is from a book written by Ron Winram, who lived at Garchory at the time of writing his book.

Winram R. (1986) The Land of Lonach Aberdeen, Adelphi Press
(now out of print)

Page 66 List of Expenses Erecting Corgarff Distillery (from newspaper account in 1834)

David Downie's carriages 0 14 0 [14/-] [possibly David Downie of Belhandy]

The distillery was built in 1827 at Garchory alongside Garchory Burn and closed in 1831.
[Donald Downy and Margaret Gordon lived at Mill of Garchory a century before]

Page 65 Estate of Skellater Valuation Roll 1859-60

178 Boilhandy and Tornahaish Prop. Sir Ch. Forbes, Bart. Occupier Donald Stewart

179 Delhandy Prop. Sir Ch. Forbes, Bart. Occupier George McHardy

[Skellater was probably in the detached part of Tarland Parish ]

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OPR Strathdon

The following information was found in the Strathdon Old Parish Register (LDS batch number C112404). IGI lists all the children except for John and Elspet.

Register of the Names and births of Donald Downy and Margt. Gordon their children, who lived sometime at Miln of Garchrie.

John was born the 7th of Octr. 1727
Elspet the 1st of June 1730
Alexr. the 1st of June 1732
Willm. The 3rd of May 1734
Patrk. The 8th of Septr. 1736
Geo. The 8th of June 1739
Jean the 10th of Febry. 1741
Margt. The 23rd of May 1743
Joseph the 22nd of Aprile 1745
James the 4th of June 1747
Anne the 18th of May 1749
Robert was born the 7th of Octr. 1751
Murdoch the 1st of Septr. 1752

Registered the 22nd day of June in the Year 1760 by Alexr. Adam, Sess: Clerk.

[these are among the very few births recorded between 1727 and October 1753]

Mr Alexr. Downy Society School Master in Strathdon had sons born to him at the following times viz:

James, Oct 17th 1749
Peter, June 6th 1751
John, Jany 2nd 1753
Alexander, Aprile 5th 1756
Nathaniel August 14th 1754
David and Charles Twins March 12th 1758
William, Augst. 7th 1760

OPR information copyright Church of Scotland Commissioners

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