Strathdon, Aberdeenshire Downies

I was contacted a couple of years ago by a Downie descendant from New Zealand who had traced his ancestry back to Strathdon.

I do not think that there is any connection between the Downies in Strathdon and my family but as always, you never know.

I have made the information I have found available through the world wide web so that others can make use of it.

I do not own the copyright on most of the information in these pages.
You must not copy this information other than for private research and expressly not for financial gain.

"Strathdon" includes the Parish of Strathdon and two detached parts of the Parish of Tarland & Migvie.

The information currently available consists of references to Downies in the following:

There is no index but I have included cross-reference links.

If you arrived here looking for information about Strathdon or about other families in Strathdon (McHardys feature strongly), here are five other sites which you will find full of information, though many are now defunct, though still available in archive form. All of them are based on good, solid research and family tradition.

Andrew McHardy's website had a wealth of information on it about Strathdon and the McHardys in particular. The site had transcriptions of the complete 1841 Census for the whole of Strathdon and was worth visiting even if you don't have a McHardy connection. Unfortunately, as with Deb O'Reilly's website, it has disappeared from the internet [May 2010] and I have not been able to contact Andrew. In the meantime, you can look back in time to visit the site with the help of the Wayback Machine. Some of the original information (focused mainly on McHardys) is now available at the McHardy of Ordachoy website.

Suzanne Walker's Strathdon Vital Records is building towards a complete transcription of the Old Parish Registers and Statutory Registers for Strathdon.

David Walker's Glen Nochty Pages (via Wayback Machine) provide a great deal of information about the Glen focusing on the family of Gustavus McPherson and Diana McHardy of Tolduquhill. Copy of David's Placenames in Strathdon.

Sandra (McHardy) DeMartino's McHardy of Ordachoy Genealogy Site (archived by from the original Geocities website) provides a history of the family which farmed Ordachoy in Corgarff.

Deb O'Reilly's Family Ties & Genealogy website traces a Grassick family from Wardhead, Strathdon to the United States and includes transcriptions of most districts of Strathdon for the 1861 Census. [unfortunately this site is no longer active (July 2008) but here is a link to the original, archived by the Wayback Machine]

If you have any more information about anyone on these pages, please email me:

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