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Ancestors and their Relatives

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The list of names below is complete for my known Downie line (direct ancestry and siblings of ancestors) and the direct Ross line (my mother's family). I am still working on entering families of siblings of my Downie ancestors.

All abbreviations refer to Scotland (SCT) unless otherwise stated.

Warning: . Most information is well supported by primary sources but a small proportion is based on other people's findings or involves an element of guesswork. Please email me if you have a genuine need to know the basis for any particular information or even better if you have any information to contribute. Please do not copy any information without checking with me first, as this is how errors can be compounded.

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A: Alison, Anderson
B: Ballingall, Blair, Boid
C: Cairns, Carse, Chalmers, Clement, Cowe, Craig, Crombie, Crosbie
D: Denham, Denholm, Dodds/Dods, Downie
E: Edington, Ervin
F: Fairmaid (Formaid), Felman, Flint, Flockhart, Fortune, Fram, Fraser
G: Goodall, Gouk, Graf, Graham, Gray, Grieve, Grub
H: Hall, Hardie, Hauenstien, Headridge, Henderson, Hill, Hird, Hume, Hunter
J: Jarvis (Jervice), Johnston, Johnstone
K: Kay, Kerr, Kinsman, Knox
L: Laing, Lawson, Low
M: McEwan, McFarlane, McIver, McKenzie (MacKenzie), McLeod, McNeill, Mickle, Mitchell, Moore, Mossman
O: Ogilvie
P: Paterson, Purves
R: Rieff or Reiff, Robertson, Ross, Russel
S: Scott, Short, Smith, Spence, Straughan, Stewart
T: Thomson, Tytler
U: Urquhart
W: Webster, White, Whyte, Wilkie, Wilson
Y: Young

Alison, Elisabeth d after 1772 Whitekirk ELN
Anderson, Margaret bef 1767 - aft 1799 Peebles PEE

Ballingall, Elizabeth bef 1648-aft 1676 Newburn FIF
Blair, Elizabeth ca 1763-1844 Dunbar ELN > Innerwick ELN
Blair, William d after 1762 Dunbar ELN
Boid, Jean 1734-aft 1774 Kilconquhar FIF > South Leith MLN
Boid, John bef 1707-aft 1733 Kilconquhar FIF

Cairns, Isabella 1858-1940 Colinton MLN
Cairns, William ca 1835-? Colinton MLN
Carse, Alexander ca 1766-? Stenton ELN
Carse, Margaret 1802-1880 Stenton ELN
Chalmers, David ca 1793-? Auchtermuchty FIF
Chalmers, Mary ca 1813-1881 Auchtermuchty FIF > Leslie FIF
Clement, Ann Wilson 1853-? Leslie FIF > St Petersburgh Russia > Bonnybridge STI > Newburgh FIF
Clement, David 1820-? Leslie FIF > Portmoak KRS > Leslie FIF
Cowe, George ca 1754-1811 Innerwick ELN
Cowe, Mary 1799-1881 Innerwick ELN > Dunbar ELN
Craig, Agnes 1793-1881 Dunbar ELN>Ayton BEW
Craig, Agnes 1812-after 1894 Ardrossan AYR > Glasgow LKS
Crombie, Margaret  ca 1793-? Auchtermuchty FIF
Crosbie, Ann ca 1808-? Earlston BEW > Tranent ELN

Denham or Denholm, Henrietta ca 1802-1874 Dunbar ELN
Denham or Denholm, Thomas 1756-1841+ Innerwick ELN
Denholm, Margaret ca 1754-1813 Innerwick ELN
Dickinson, Marion 1813-1896 Dunbar ELN > Haddington ELN

Dods, Alexander 1738-bef. 1763 Stenton ELN
Dodds, Alexander 1909-1984 Edinburgh MLN > Aberdeen
Dodds, Annie 1877-? Stenton ELN
Dodds, Daniel 1868-? Whittinghame ELN > Stenton ELN
Dods, Helen 1735-bef. 1745 Stenton ELN
Dods, Helen 1745-? Stenton ELN
Dodds, Helen Fortune 1873-? Whittinghame ELN > Stenton ELN
Dodds, Henrietta 1900-1978 Edinburgh MLN > Glasgow LKS > Reston Eyemouth BEW > Lundin Links Largo FIF
Dods, Isobel 1753-bef. 1763 Stenton ELN
Dods, Isabel 1797-? Stenton ELN
Dods, Isabella 1873-? Stenton ELN
Dods, James 1706-1785 Stenton ELN
Dods, James 1737-1763 Stenton ELN
Dods, James 1791-? Stenton ELN
Dods, James 1843-1920 Stenton ELN > California USA
Dods, James 1875-? Stenton ELN
Dodds, James 1876-? Whittinghame ELN
Dods, Janet 1751-? Stenton ELN
Dods, John 1747-? Stenton ELN
Dodds, John H. 1878-? Stenton ELN
Dodds, John 1882-1965 Stenton ELN > Prestonkirk ELN
Dods, Margaret 1743-? Stenton ELN
Dods, Margaret 1789-1870 Stenton ELN > Morham ELN > Yester ELN
Dodds, Martha McFarlane 1884-1963 Stenton ELN > Reston, Coldingham BEW
Dods, Peter 1739-? Stenton ELN
Dods, Peter 1800-1878 Stenton ELN
Dods, Peter 1843-after 1890 Stenton ELN
Dodds, Peter 1866-? Dirleton ELN
Dods, Peter 1868-1928 Dirleton ELN > Stenton ELN > Caddonfoot SEL
Dodds, Peter 1875-1927 Stenton ELN > Edinburgh MLN
Dods, Richard 1794-1875 Stenton ELN
Dods, Richard 1841-1903 Stenton ELN
Dodds, Richard 1879-1947 Spott ELN > Stenton ELN
Dodds, Richard 1882-1978 Stenton ELN > Reston, Coldingham BEW
Dodds, Richard 1898-1904 Inveresk MLN
Dods, Thomas 1755-? Stenton ELN
Dods, William 1758-after 1802 Stenton ELN
Dods, William 1803-? Stenton ELN
Dods, William 1822-3 Stenton ELN
Dods, William 1839-1929 Stenton ELN > Morham ELN > Winnipeg Canada
Dods, William 1840-1906 Stenton ELN>Dirleton ELN>Dunbar ELN>Stenton ELN
Dods, William 1870-? Stenton ELN
Dodds, William 1871-? Stenton ELN

Downie, Agnes 1743-? Kilconquhar FIF
Downie, Agnes 1860-1896 Currie MLN > Norwich CT USA
Downie, Agnes Laing 1867-? Kirkliston WLN>Edinburgh MLN
Downie, Agnes Isabelle 1885-1970 Hamilton OH USA
Downie, Alexander 1764-bef 1768 Kilconquhar FIF
Downie, Alexander 1767-? Kilconquhar FIF
Downie, Alexander 1832-? Currie MLN > Norwich CT USA > Butler County OH USA
Downie, Allison 1876-1876 Butler County OH USA
Downie, Androw 1665-? Newburn FIF
Downie, Ann Fraser 1870-? Kirkliston WLN>Edinburgh MLN
Downie, Clementine 1875-?  Butler County OH USA > Marion County IN USA
Downie, Charles Edward 1882-1963 Markinch FIF>Edinburgh>Glasgow
Downie, Caroline Johanna (Cordelia) 1888-1978 Butler County OH USA
Downie, Daniel1670-1739 Newburn FIF > Elie FIF
Downie, David 1733-aft 1774 Elie FIF > Kilconquhar FIF > South Leith MLN
Downie, David 1761-1829 Kilconquhar FIF > New Greyfriars Edinburgh MLN > Ratho MLN > Colinton MLN
Downie, David 1795-aft 1851 Colinton MLN
Downie, David 1821-1875 Penicuik MLN > Colinton MLN
Downie, David 1828-1895 Ratho MLN>Edinburgh MLN
Downie, David 1830-1886 Currie MLN > Norwich CT USA > Butler County OH USA
Downie, David 1865-1950 Kirkliston WLN>Edinburgh MLN>Kingston ONT CAN>Watertown Jefferson NY USA
Downie, David 1862-1942 Colinton MLN > Musselburgh MLN> East Linton ELN
Downie, David 1873-1960 Woodsdale OH USA > Hamilton OH USA
Downie, David 1880-1882 Markinch FIF
Downie, David 1883-? Colinton MLN
Downie, David 1888-1981 Musselburgh MLN > Lochgilphead ARL
Downie, David b,d 1892 Inveresk MLN
Downie, David 1897-1956 Hamilton OH USA
Downie, David 1925-2002 Edinburgh MLN > Bearsden STI > Glasgow LKS > Craig ANS > Lundin Links FIF > Glenrothes FIF
Downie, David Michael [Living] Hamilton Ohio USA
Downie, David Spence 1894-1973 Inveresk MLN
Downie, Edgar G. 1896-1986 Hamilton Butler OH USA
Downie, Elizabeth 1923-2002 Edinburgh MLN>Glasgow LKS>Watford, Herts, England
Downie, George 1736-? Kilconquhar FIF
Downie, George 1770-? South Leith MLN
Downie, George 1796-1846 MLN > Colinton MLN
Downie, George 1826-1902 Currie MLN > Colinton MLN> Edinburgh MLN
Downie, George 1846-1917 Colinton MLN>Leslie FIF>Markinch FIF>Milngavie STI>Dysart FIF
Downie, George 1847-1851 Currie MLN
Downie, George 1887-after 1901 Milngavie STI
Downie, George Cairns 1894-1916 Colinton MLN>France (killed in action)
Downie, Helen Lawson 1878-after 1910 Markinch FIF>Milngavie STI>Ayr AYR
Downie, Helen Lawson 1885-? Colinton MLN
Downie, Helen Lawson 1887-? Colinton MLN>Inveresk MLN
Downie, Helen Lawson 1880-? Currie MLN
Downie, Helen Lawson 1891-1991 Musselburgh MLN > East Linton ELN
Downie, Isabella 1888-? Colinton MLN
Downie, Isabelle 1861-1950 Norwich CT USA > Hamilton OH USA
Downie, James 1673-? Newburn FIF
Downie, James 1806-1875 Currie MLN > South Leith MLN
Downie, James 1832-? Currie MLN
Downie, James 1834-1876 Currie MLN > Norwich CT USA
Downie, James 1858-1937 Colinton MLN
Downie, James 1858-? Kirkliston WLN
Downie, James
1861-1867 Currie MLN>Greenville New London CT USA
Downie, James 1892-? Colinton MLN
Downie, James Bryan 1961- [Living] Hamilton OH USA > Parma OH USA
Downie, James Fram 1859-1912 Norwich CT USA > Hamilton OH USA
Downie, James Frank 1894-1985 OH USA
Downie, James J. 1863-1951 Currie MLN > Norwich CT USA > Hamilton OH USA

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Downie, Jannet 1701-? Elie FIF
Downie, Janet 1731-? Kilconquhar FIF
Downie, Janet (Jessie) 1851-1896 Colinton MLN > Leuchars FIF
Downie, Janet 1882-1945 Colinton MLN
Downie, John 1705-aft 1742 Elie FIF > Kilconquhar FIF
Downie, John 1759-? Kilconquhar FIF
Downie, John1797-1855 Ratho MLN>Kirkliston MLN>Ratho MLN
Downie, John 1856-? Kirkliston WLN
Downie, John Lawson 1840-1875 Currie MLN > Butler County OH USA
Downie, John David 1929-1989 Hamilton OH USA
Downie, Jonathan Kyle 1992- [Living] Parma OH USA
Downie, Kathryn 1896-1990 Hamilton OH USA
Downie, Kimberly Marie 1989- [Living] Cincinnati > Parma OH USA
Downie, Linda Lou [Living] Hamilton OH USA
Downie, Margaret 1709-? Elie FIF
Downie, Margaret 1829-1844 Penicuik MLN > Colinton MLN
Downie, Margaret 1838-after 1866 Currie MLN
Downie, Margaret 1855-1858 Norwich CT USA
Downie, Margaret Johnstone 1857-1907 Currie MLN > Norwich CT USA
Downie, Margaret 1860-? Colinton MLN
Downie, Margaret1868-? Butler County OH USA > Marion County IN USA
Downie, Margaret 1903-1992 Hamilton, OH USA
Downie, Margaret Hardie 1885-? Colinton MLN>Inveresk MLN
Downie, Margaret Hardie 1889-1894 Musselburgh MLN
Downie, Marion Wilson 1879-? Currie MLN
Downie, Marion ca 1824-bef 1845 MLN
Downie, Marion 1844-? Kirkliston MLN
Downie, Marjory Tytler 1876-after 1901 Leslie FIF>Markinch FIF>Milngavie STI
Downie, Martin 1772-? South Leith MLN
Downie, Mary 1804-? Currie MLN
Downie, Mary ca 1825- bef 1855 MLN
Downie, Mary 1849-aft 1881 Currie MLN > Colinton MLN
Downie, Mary 1869-1944 Norwich CT USA > Hamilton OH USA
Downie, Mary1871-? Butler County OH USA > Marion County IN USA
Downie, Mary 1890-? Colinton MLN>Inveresk MLN
Downie, Mary Chalmers Spence 1895-1970 Musselburgh MLN > Arvida Quebec CAN
Downie, Mary Elizabeth [living]
Downie, Matthew 1775-? South Leith MLN
Downie, Merland John 1898(?)-1976 Hamilton OH USA
Downie, Norma 1899-1982 OH USA
Downie, Rachel 1845-aft 1881 Currie MLN > South Leith MLN > Newbattle MLN > Shotts LKS
Downie, Rosanna 1857-? Norwich CT USA > Butler County OH USA
Downie, Rosanna 1889-1977 Ohio USA
Downie, Robert Leroy 1898-1974 Hamilton Butler OH USA
Downie, Robert Miller 1862-? Ratho MLN>Edinburgh MLN
Downie, Robert Spence 1898-1978 Edinburgh MLN > Glasgow LKS > Reston BEW > Lundin Links Largo FIF
Downie, Sophia 1675-bef 1678 Newburn FIF
Downie, Sophia 1677-? Newburn FIF
Downie, Stiven 1640-aft 1676 Kilconquhar FIF > Newburn FIF
Downie, Steven 1695-? Newburn FIF
Downie, Thomas 1822-? Currie MLN
Downie, Thomas 1850-? Currie MLN
Downie, Thomas 1856-1929 Colinton MLN > Musselburgh MLN
Downie, Thomas 1870-? Butler County OH USA > Marion County IN USA
Downie, Thomas James 1887-1966 Hamilton OH USA
Downie, Wallace 1904-1966 Hamilton OH USA
Downie, Wilhelmina Anne 1892-1949 Butler County OH USA
Downie, William ca 1825-1867 Kirkliston MLN>Edinburgh MLN
Downie, William 1836-? Currie MLN > Norwich CT USA > Butler County OH USA > Marion County IN USA
Downie, William 1849-1851 Colinton MLN
Downie, William 1853-? Colinton MLN
Downie, William 1860-? Ratho MLN>Edinburgh MLN
Downie, William 1865-? Norwich CT USA > Butler County OH USA > Marion County IN USA
Downie, William 1890-? Colinton MLN

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Edington, David ca 1884-? Torpichen WLN > Leuchars FIF
Edington, Helen 1877-? Colinton MLN > Torpichen WLN > Leuchars FIF
Edington, Isabellaca 1889-? Leuchars FIF
Edington, Jessie ca 1887-? Leuchars FIF
Edington, Johnston ca 1851-? Dunbar WLN > Portobello MLN > Colinton MLN > Torpichen WLN > Leuchars FIF
Edington, Margaret ca 1880-? Torpichen WLN > Leuchars FIF
Edington, Mary 1890-? Leuchars FIF
Edington, William ca 1826- after March 1851 Dunbar ELN
Edington, William ca 1882-? Torpichen WLN > Leuchars FIF
Ervin, Mary 1896-1968 Union Township Butler County OH USA

Fairmaid or Formaid, Christian 1743-? Kinglassie FIF > Leslie FIF
Felman, Elizabethbef. 1871-aft. 1898 Hamilton, OH USA
Flint, Margaret 1746-? Linlithgow WLN > Kirkliston WLN
Flockhart, Dorothy before 1771-after 1803 Whittinghame ELN > Stenton ELN
Fortune, Helen ca 1808-ca 1845 Stenton ELN
Fram, Jane 1830-1912 Scotland > Norwich CT USA > Hamilton OH USA
Fraser, Agnes Craig 1887-1940 Glasgow LKS>London
Fraser, Alexander 1860-? Glasgow LKS
Fraser or Frazer, Ann 1803-? Inveresk MLN>Kirkliston MLN
Fraser, Isabella 1850-? Glasgow LKS
Fraser, Jane Short1888-1950 Glasgow LKS
Fraser, Jean 1858-? Glasgow LKS
Fraser, Jessie Calder 1890-1964 Glasgow LKS > Craig ANS>Kennoway FIF
Fraser, Mary 1867-? Glasgow LKS
Fraser, Robert 1831-1890 Glasgow LKS
Fraser, Robert 1852-after 1881 Glasgow LKS
Fraser, Robert 1883-1952 Glasgow LKS
Fraser, William 1855-1895 Glasgow LKS
Fraser, William 1885-1898 Glasgow LKS>Hamilton LKS

Goodall, Isobel ca 1800-after 1866 Dunbar ELN
Gouk, Margaret ca 1822-aft March 1851 Marykirk KCD>Dunbar ELN
Graf, John Jacob bef. 1871-aft. 1898 Hamilton, OH USA
Graf, Pauline 1899-1989 Hamilton, OH USA
Graham, Jane 1855-1894 Dailly AYR > Glasgow LKS
Graham, John bef. 1825-between 1881 & 1894 Dailly AYR
Gray, Isobel (Elizabeth?) before 1808-?Glasgow LKS
Grieve or Kay, Elizabeth ca 1841-1912 Stenton ELN > Dirleton ELN > Dunbar ELN > Stenton ELN > Kilcreggan & Cove DNB
Grieve, Margaret ca 1820-aft June 1867 Stenton ELN
Grub, Margaret 1692-aft 1733 St Andrews & St Leonards FIF > Kilconquhar FIF

Hall, Austin G. 1890-1968 Clermont County OH USA > Hamilton OH USA
Hall, Mary Katherine 1932- [Living] West Chester Butler County > Hamilton OH USA
Hamilton, Roberta Armstrong (Ruby) 1886/7-? Lochgilphead ARL
Hardie, David 1803-? Leslie FIF > Colinton MLN
Hardie, James 1780-1865 Leslie FIF
Hardie, James 1806-1845 Leslie FIF
Hardie, James 1835-1902 Leslie FIF>Otley YKS England
Hardie, Jean 1818-? Leslie FIF
Hardie, Jean 1839-? Leslie FIF
Hardie, Margaret 1836-1913 Leslie FIF > Colinton MLN
Hardie, Mary 1833-after 1900 Leslie FIF>Colinton MLN
Hardie, Robert 1753-? Leslie FIF
Hardie, Robert 1802-1890 Leslie FIF
Hardie, Thomas 1844-after 1890 Leslie FIF
Hauenstien, Mary 1865-1907 OH USA
Hauenstien, Valentine 1831-1866 Bayern Germany>Hamilton Butler OH USA
Headridge, James 1788-1865 Abbotshall FIF> Kirkliston WLN
Headridge, Janet 1829-1878 Carriden WLN> Kirkliston WLN>Ratho MLN>Edinburgh MLN
Henderson, Agnes Craig 1853-1929 Stenton ELN
Henderson, David 1792-1872 Dunbar ELN
Henderson, David 1857-? Stenton ELN
Henderson, Helen 1851-? Dunbar ELN
Henderson, Jane 1865-1938 Stenton ELN>Stirling STI
Henderson, John 1822-1900 Dunbar ELN > Innerwick ELN
Henderson, Margaret 1855-? Whitekirk ELN
Henderson, Mary 1859-? Stenton ELN
Hill, Isabell d after 1795 Whittinghame ELN
Hird, Helen 1704-aft 1742 St Andrews & St Leonards FIF > Kilconquhar FIF
Hird, Thomas bef 1672-aft 1704 St Andrews & St Leonards FIF
Hume, Agnes d after 1763 Dunbar ELN
Hunter, Rosanna ca 1839-aft 1880 Scotland > Norwich CT > Butler County OH > Marion County IN USA

Jarvis or Jervice, David ca 1740-1786 Leslie FIF
Jarvis, Mary 1777-1858 Leslie FIF
Johnston, Elisabeth 1747-1828 Innerwick ELN
Johnstone, Agnes 1837-? Currie MLN
Johnstone, Isobel 1796-1876 Innerwick ELN
Johnstone, Joseph d after 1821 Whittinghame ELN > Innerwick ELN

Kay, James ca 1820-aft June 1867 Stenton ELN
Kerr, George bef 1762-aft 1794 (Carter) Edinburgh MLN
Kerr, Mary bef 1778-aft 1805 Edinburgh MLN > Ratho MLN > Currie MLN
Kinnenmont, Mary b ca 1750 Leslie FIF
Kinsman, Margaret bef 1679-aft 1708 Newburn FIF > Elie FIF
Knox, Elizabeth 1763-? (speculative birthdate) Innerwick ELN

Laing, Agnes 1794-1869 Carnwath LKS > Kirkliston WLN
Lawson, Alexander
1738-1820 Kirkliston WLN
Lawson, Elizabeth 1832-? Ratho MLN
Lawson, Helen 1826-1886 Ratho MLN > Colinton MLN
Lawson, Isabella 1845-? Ratho MLN > Edinburgh MLN
Lawson, James bef. 1778-? Kirkliston WLN
Lawson, James 1837-? Ratho MLN > Edinburgh MLN
Lawson, Janet 1831-? Ratho MLN > Edinburgh MLN
Lawson, Margaret 1802-? Kirkliston WLN
Lawson, William 1794-1865 Kirkliston WLN > Ratho MLN > Lasswade MLN > St George Edinburgh MLN
Lawson, William 1839-? Ratho MLN > Edinburgh MLN
Low, Barbara 1785-1863 Auchtermuchty FIF > Leslie FIF
Low, James 1761-? Newburgh FIF > Auchtermuchty FIF

McEwan, Jane bef. 1799-between 1861 and 1883 Appin ARL>Glasgow LKS
McFarlane, Martha 1826-1914 Haddington ELN > Stenton ELN>Dunbar ELN>Spott ELN>Dunbar ELN>Alloa CLK
McIver, Donald ca 1793-before 1841 Gairloch ROC
McIver, Mary 1823-1868 Gairloch ROC > Lochinver Assynt, SUT
Mackenzie, John ca 1786-? Eddrachilis SUT
McKenzie, Abigail (Abey) 1860-? Lochinver Assynt SUT
McKenzie, Ann 1764-1858 Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
McKenzie, Catherine ca 1849-after 1881 Lochinver Assynt SUT > New Monkland LKS
McKenzie, Donald ca 1854-? Lochinver Assynt SUT
McKenzie, Hector John ca 1858-? Lochinver Assynt SUT
McKenzie, Henry ca 1848-? Lochinver, Assynt SUT
McKenzie, Kett 1808-1878 Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
McKenzie, Lewis 1817-after1891 Gairloch ROC > Lochinver Assynt, SUT
McKenzie, Mary 1852-1907 Lochinver Assynt SUT  > Barvas Lewis ROC >S. Knapdale ARL>Whitehouse Kilcalmonell ARL
McKenzie, William ca 1791-184? Gairloch ROC
McKenzie, William ca 1854-? Lochinver Assynt SUT
McLeod, Daniel ca 1811-? Dumbarton DNB > Tranent ELN
McNeill, Daniel 1828-1912 Penicuik MLN>Currie MLN
McNeill, Marion 1851-1880 Currie MLN>Colinton MLN
Mickle, James bef 1784-? Lesbury Northumberland England
Mickle, Margaret 1803-1896 Lesbury Northumberland England > Leslie FIF
Mitchell, Janet bef 1672-aft 1704 St Andrews & St Leonards FIF
Moore James bef 1846-aft 1863 Hamilton OH USA
Moore Mary 1864-1938 Hamilton OH USA
Mossman, Margaret 1811-1871 Currie MLN

Nicholson, Elizabeth ?-bef 1842 ELN

Ogilvie, Barbara 1760-? Auchtermuchty FIF

Paterson, Agnes 1813-1879 Innerwick ELN
Paterson, Alison 1765-1855 Stenton ELN > Innerwick ELN > Dunbar ELN
Paterson, David1820-? Innerwick ELN
Paterson, Elizabeth 1808-1895 Innerwick ELN>Dunbar ELN
Paterson, Euphemia 1828-1881 Innerwick ELN married to Adam Young
Paterson, George 1738-1825 Stenton ELN
Paterson, Helen 1825-1899 Innerwick ELN> Dunbar ELN>Edinburgh MLN > North Leith MLN > Canongate MLN
Paterson, John 1747-1820 Innerwick ELN
Paterson, John 1817-? Innerwick ELN
Paterson, Margaret 1810-1865 Innerwick ELN>Dunbar ELN married to David Muir
Paterson, Robert 1781-1864 Innerwick ELN
Paterson, Robert 1822-? Innerwick ELN>Innerwick ELN>Dunbar ELN
Purves, Andrew 1832-aft 1850 Innerwick ELN > Whitekirk & Tyninghame ELN >Buenos Aires, Argentina > Haddington ELN
Purves, Andrew 1876-1923 Haddington ELN
Purves, Elizabeth 1836-after 1850 Innerwick ELN >Whitekirk & Tyninghame ELN
Purves, Elizabeth 1862-after 1880 Dunbar ELN
Purves, George 1831-after 1880 Dunbar ELN
Purves, Henrietta ca 1849-1915
Purves, Hepburn 1798-1869 Dunbar ELN
Purves, Hepburn 1850-1934 Dunbar ELN > Haddington ELN
Purves, James Spence 1873-1955 Haddington ELN > East Kilbride LKS
Purves, John d after 1772 Whitekirk ELN
Purves, John 1794-1875 Dunbar ELN > Innerwick ELN > Whitekirk ELN > Prestonkirk ELN
Purves, John 1825-after 1850 Innerwick ELN > Dunbar ELN >Oldhamstocks ELN
Purves, John 1843-after 1880 Innerwick ELN > Dunbar ELN
Purves, John 1859-after 1880 Dunbar ELN > Edinburgh MLN
Purves, John 1870-? Coldingham BEW
Purves, Joseph 1829-after 1850 Innerwick ELN > Oldhamstocks ELN
Purves, Joseph 1882-1956 Buenos Aires, Argentina > Vancouver BC Canada
Purves, Margaret 1826-after 1880 Dunbar ELN
Purves, Margaret 1767-aft 1841 Stenton ELN
Purves, Marion 1872-1873 Prestonkirk ELN
Purves, Mary 1855-? Dunbar ELN
Purves, Thomas S. 1878-? Argentina
Purves, William 1773-1860 Dunbar ELN > Stenton ELN > Innerwick ELN > Oldhamstocks ELN > Dunbar ELN
Purves, William 1796-? Stenton ELN
Purves, William 1822-1902 Innerwick ELN >Oldhamstocks ELN
Purves, William 1824-1903 Dunbar ELN
Purves, William Spence 1886-1956 Buenos Aires, Argentina > Haddington ELN > Vancouver BC Canada > Skagit WA USA

Rieff or Reiff, Rosina 1831-1916 Wurttemburg Germany>Hamilton Butler OH USA
Robertson, Ann 1799-1862 West Linton PEE > Colinton MLN
Robertson, Thomas 1759-? Peebles PEE
Ross, Alexander
1840-bef. April 1841 Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
Ross, Alexander
1846-? Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
Ross, Catherine ca 1781-? SUT
Ross, Catherine 1879-? Glasgow LKS > Barvas Cross ROC > S. Knapdale ARL > Kilcalmonell ARL
Ross, Charles Hugh 1897-1916 (killed in action WWI) S. Knapdale ARL > Kilcalmonell ARL
Ross, Donald William 1890-? Barvas Cross ROC > S. Knapdale ARL > Kilcalmonell ARL
Ross, George 1798-1872 Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
Ross, George 1887-1962 Barvas Lewis ROC > Glasgow LKS
Ross, Georgina 1844-after 1900 Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
Ross, Helen Margaret 1892-? Barvas Cross ROC > S. Knapdale ARL > Kilcalmonell ARL> London
Ross, Hugh ca 1770-? SUT
Ross, Hugh 1835-after 1890 Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
Ross, Jean Graham 1916-2002 Gourock RFW>Edinburgh MLN>Glasgow LKS>Stafford STS ENG
Ross, Johan 1837-? (female) Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
Ross, John 1852-1942 Scourie Eddrachilis SUT > Barvas, Lewis ROC > Tarbert ARL > Glasgow LKS
Ross, John (Ian) 1916-1943 Gourock RFW>Edinburgh MLN>Glasgow LKS>Burma
Ross, Louisa b,d ca 1880 Barvas Cross ROC
Ross, Louisa 1884-? Barvas Cross ROC > S. Knapdale ARL > Kilcalmonell ARL
Ross, Margaret 1848-after 1890 Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
Ross, Charles Hugh 1897-1914/18 (killed in action WWI) S. Knapdale ARL > Kilcalmonell ARL
Ross, Mary 1841-after 1900 Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
Ross, Mary 1879-? Barvas Cross ROC > S. Knapdale ARL > Kilcalmonell ARL
Ross, Mary McKenzie 1925- Lanark LKS>Edinburgh MLN>Glasgow LKS>Glenrothes FIF
Ross, Marion Johanna
1895-? S. Knapdale ARL > Kilcalmonell ARL
Ross, Meran
1831-after 1900 Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
Ross, Thomas Clerk 1833-? Scourie Eddrachilis SUT
Russel, Alexander? ca 1690 Stenton ELN
Russel, Isobel 1706-1773 Stenton ELN

Scott, Janet ca 1835-? Colinton MLN
Short, Joseph before 1799-between 1861 and 1883
Smith, James 1768-? Ratho MLN
Smith, Janet (Jessie) 1801-? Ratho MLN > Colinton MLN
Spence, Andrew 1817-1871 Leslie FIF
Spence, Andrew 1838-? Leslie FIF
Spence, Annie Clement 1886-aft 1945 Leslie FIF > Newburgh FIF > London England
Spence, Barbara 1808-1888 Auchtermuchty FIF > Leslie FIF married to ? Young
Spence, Christian 1818-1874 Leslie FIF
Spence, Clement Stewart 1893-aft 1923 St Petersburg Russia > Bonnybridge STI > Cairo Egypt
Spence, David 1823-1904 Leslie FIF
Spence, David 1836-1916 Leslie FIF > Colinton MLN > S. Leith MLN
Spence, David Clement 1873-1930 Leslie FIF > Bonnybridge STI
Spence, Elizabeth Millar 1825-? Leslie FIF
Spence, George 1847-? Anstruther FIF
Spence, Grace Wilson 1881-aft 1945 Leslie FIF > St Petersburg Russia
Spence, John Gilbert 1828-? Leslie FIF
Spence, Helen 1819-? Leslie FIF
Spence, Isabella 1814-? Leslie FIF
Spence, James 1810-1894 Leslie FIF
Spence, James 1812-1855 Dunbar ELN > Haddington ELN
Spence, James 1839-? Anstruther FIF
Spence, James C. 1864-? Colinton MLN > Uphall WLN
Spence, John 1740-? Leslie FIF
Spence, John 1778-1859 Leslie FIF
Spence, John 1812-? Leslie FIF
Spence, John 1834-before 1856 Leslie FIF
Spence, John 1856-? Leslie FIF
Spence, Margaret 1821-? Leslie FIF
Spence, Margaret 1841-1927 Dunbar ELN > Haddington ELN > Govan LKS
Spence, Margaret 1841-? Anstruther FIF
Spence, Margaret Mickle 1861-? Colinton MLN > Musselburgh MLN
Spence, Mary Chalmers 1862-1962 Colinton MLN > Musselburgh MLN > East Linton ELN
Spence, Robert Hardie 1866-1922 Leslie FIF > South Leith MLN
Spence, Stewart 1850-1886 Leslie FIF > St Petersburg, Russia
Spence, Thomas 1845-? Anstruther FIF
Spence, Thomas 1876-1882 Leslie FIF
Spence, William 1849-? Leslie FIF
Straughan, Margaret bef 1784-? Lesbury NBL ENG
Stewart, Charles Edward bef. 1845-bef. 1874 Leslie FIF
Stewart, Margaret Smith 1848-1930 Leslie FIF>Markinch FIF>Milngavie STI>Kirkcaldy FIF

Thomson, Isobel bef 1778-? Kirkliston WLN
Tytler, Marjory bef. 1845-after 1874 Dunnichen ANS>Leslie FIF

Urquhart, Mary 1793-after 1851 Gairloch ROC

Webster, Jean ca 1740-1815 Leslie FIF
White, Alison 1810-aft 1860 Spott ELN > Innerwick ELN
White, Alison 1833-aft 1840 Innerwick ELN
White, David 1758-? (speculative birthdate) Innerwick ELN
White, Elizabeth 1793-ca 1846 Spott ELN
White, Elizabeth 1825-1903 Stenton ELN>Dunbar ELN>Prestonkirk ELN
White, George 1801-aft 1860 Spott ELN > Dunbar ELN
White, George 1829-aft 1917 Innerwick ELN > Yester ELN > Knockando MOR
White, Helen 1783/4-1857 Innerwick ELN
White, Henrietta 1838-aft 1860 Innerwick ELN > Dunbar ELN
White, Isobel ca 1798-ca 1841 ELN
White, Janet 1789-ca 1840 Spott ELN
White, Janet 1840-aft 1850 Innerwick ELN > Dunbar ELN
White, John 1791-1866 Spott ELN>Stenton ELN>Dunbar ELN
Whyte, Margaret ca 1690-after 1720 Stenton ELN
White, Mary 1835-aft 1850 Innerwick ELN > Dunbar ELN
White, Marion 1796-1875 Spott ELN > Innerwick ELN
White, Marrion 1838-aft 1860 Innerwick ELN > Dunbar ELN
White, Peter 1747-1836 Stenton ELN > Spott ELN > Innerwick ELN
White, Peter 1825-aft 1880 Stenton ELN > Dunbar ELN
White, Thomas 1827-aft 1840 Innerwick ELN
White, William 1806-1882 Spott ELN > Innerwick ELN > Dunbar ELN > Innerwick ELN > Dunbar ELN
Wilkie, Helen 1764-? St. Cuthbert's Edinburgh MLN > Ratho MLN
Wilson, Grace 1825-? Portmoak KRS > Leslie FIF
Wilson, Marion 1829-1910 Linlithgow WLN>Currie MLN

Young, Alexander 1846-1922 Dunbar ELN>Edinburgh MLN
Young, Elizabeth 1875-1944 Edinburgh MLN
Young, Helen 1852-? Spott ELN
Young, Isobel 1864-after April 1891 Dunbar ELN > Edinburgh MLN > North Leith MLN
Young, Janet 1737-1824 Stenton ELN
Young, Robert 1849-after 1880 Innerwick ELN>Edinburgh St Cuthberts MLN
Young, Thomas 1800-after 1866 Dunbar ELN
Young, Thomas 1821-1866 Dunbar ELN>Innerwick ELN>Dunbar ELN
Young, Thomas 1858-after April 1881 Dunbar ELN>Edinburgh St Cuthberts MLN
Young, Thomas 1877-? Edinburgh MLN

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